Privacy Policy

Policy was last modified and is effective as of April 25, 2012

Any terms not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in our Terms of Use.

When you access or visit any of our Websites, we and our operational service providers and others who host our Websites often use technology that can recognize, collect and/or transmit information that is associated with you, but which do not personally identify you. Although the term “cookie” specifically refers to a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes, we will use the term “cookie” to refer generically to any technology that can recognize, collect and/or transmit information about your visits to our Websites. This type of information includes such data as the Internet or web domain that referred you, the type of operating system and browser you are using, the date and time of your visit, data relating to activities on our Websites (e.g., so-called ‘clickstream’ data) and other technological attributes about your visit to our Websites. This information is used to analyze trends, administer our Websites, track user movements on our Websites, gather aggregate demographic information about visitors so we can continually improve our Websites.

Cookies also allow our Websites to recognize a users’ computer or access device each time it is used to visit a particular Website and cookies can keep count of how often you return. Cookies can also track how you use our Websites, your preferences for features and functions and, for Websites that have registration or similar features, cookies can store information such as your user name and password so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you return to visit. Cookies don’t personally identify you or any particular user or individual.

You can disable or turn the cookie feature off by changing the settings on your Internet browser and you can also change the settings to stop your browser from automatically accepting cookies. Although changing these settings may not affect your ability to browse, it may affect your ability to use certain features and functions of our Websites and it may also require you to re-enter certain information each time you visit or attempt to use our Websites. You should consult the operating instructions that apply to your browser to determine how to best configure your browser settings for your needs.

We use the term “Personal Information” to refer to any information you provide in connection with your use of any of our Websites by which you can be personally identified. Personal Information may include such things as your name, street address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address and any other information which might reasonably be used to identify you. We only obtain Personal Information from you when you submit it to us or provide it on one or more of our Websites that require it in order to allow you to register, subscribe or take advantage of certain features, functions, services, activities, promotions and content on our Websites (these are referred to as “Content” in our Terms of Use). You may also email us with a question or for more information and we will use your contact information (which includes Personal Information such as an email address) to help us respond and for customer service purposes. Unless you voluntary provide or send us Personal Information, we will always ask you to submit or provide it to us before collecting your Personal Information, although you may not be able to use the particular Content, if you choose not to provide your Personal Information. If you provide or submit your Personal Information to any of our Websites, we will always give you the right to review, update and/or delete your Personal Information, subject to our obligations to comply with legal, regulatory our internal audit and record-keeping requirements.

Our Websites may contain or display information from operational service providers or others (each, a “Third Party”) that offer to make information, goods or services available, provide opportunities or engage in activities or that link or redirect your browser to other websites, or materials. We may also use Third Parties to display or serve advertising on our Websites, as well as for distributing our online, email, messaged or web-based newsletters and other information. Third Parties often also employ cookies to measure advertising effectiveness. You should be aware that even if you encounter an advertisement, link or reference to a Third Party website on one of our Websites and even if we have a relationship with them, we do not control them, their websites or their policies and practices regarding use of their websites or any rules they have regarding the use of cookies or collection, use or disclosure of your information (including Personal Information). These are within their control and not ours and the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies that apply to these Third Parties and their websites are their responsibility, not ours.

We do not sell, rent, lease, provide or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to unaffiliated entities. We will always let you know if we intend to provide any of your Personal Information to a Third Party.

We always have the right to disclose your Personal Information to any Third Party we engage for the purpose of administering, operating, configuring site design, maintaining and providing internal support for our Websites and Content on our Websites. These Third Parties are called operational service providers that provide internal support to operations and activities and/or for Site design, development, hosting and operations. We always request that our operational service providers protect your privacy and not disclose your Personal Information to third party marketers that are not associated with our Websites, nor are they permitted to use your Personal Information for their own marketing or promotional purposes.

We also reserve the right to make your Personal Information available:
• When we are compelled by a governmental agency, law, regulation, a court or other legal process;
• If we believe you are, have or may violate any law, regulation, our Terms of Use;
• If we believe you are or may be a threat to safety, property, interests or rights of us or others;
• In order to investigate, respond to or resolve problems or inquiries or defend our interests;
• In a merger, acquisition, change of control, joint venture or other business combination.

You should also be aware we are public service organization and simply because a website or web page includes our logo, name or otherwise refers to us, does not mean the website or web page is ours or under our control. We work with sponsors, advertisers and government agencies to bring you public service advertising and if you enter, provide or submit Personal Information on or to a co-branded website or web page you may be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the Third Party sponsor, advertiser, government agency or co-branding organization.

We only use information that we collect or obtain when you use our Websites as described in this Privacy Policy, for our internal research purposes or to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use. If we or any of our Websites collect, maintain, use or intend to share your Personal Information for other purposes than as described in this Privacy Policy, we will ensure that is included within the Supplemental Privacy Policy that applies to the Website or Websites involved.

We maintain reasonable standards of security and confidentiality. We also try to limit information access to individuals who need to have such access to perform their responsibilities associated with our Websites and the Content on our Websites. Any employee found violating our standards of security and confidentiality is subject to our disciplinary processes. We request our operational service providers to follow the same policy. The Internet, however, and communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure and it is possible that others may unlawfully intercept or access information, transmissions or communications to, from or within our Websites.

In addition to any terms, conditions or rights that are described in any Supplemental Privacy Policy applicable to particular Websites, you always have the right to request that: (i) we correct or update your Personal Information; (ii) we not share your Personal Information with third parties; or (iii) your Personal Information be removed from our active marketing databases. Although we will usually provide you with the ability to update or delete Personal Information directly online, some Personal Information may not be changed or deleted by you and requires you to contact us for verification (e.g., birth date, email address, name). The Supplemental Privacy Policy that applies to the Website will provide you with the email address or contact information that applies to that Website so that you can contact us with a request to change that type of information.

When you register or attempt to register on any of our Websites, you understand and agree you are giving us your consent to track your use of our Websites, your activities, exchanges of information and transactions in connection with our Websites and are giving us the right to use your Personal Information in connection with our Websites and as described in our Terms of Use, including our Privacy Policy of which these Additional Terms are a part. You are required to give us current, complete, truthful and accurate information. You also agree to keep the Personal Information you provide us up to date and you will be able to change the information we have in our records at any time either yourself using the procedures described on the Website or by notifying us. Please understand that for security reasons, we may require additional verification or documentation to change certain personal information you have give us (e.g., your name, birth date, email address).

We have the right to terminate your use of any or all our Services and/or reject or delete any entry you make, if we have reason to believe information you provide to us is or may be false, fraudulent or in violation of our Terms of Use. You, not us, are solely responsible and liable for any false, fraudulent, inaccurate, incomplete or out of date information we obtain from you and you will defend and indemnify us as described in the section of our Terms of Use entitled “You Are Indemnifying Us” for any damage or harm that results.

We reserve the right to deny, suspend, terminate and cancel any registration, User ID and the use of any or all of our Services, if we believe there is a question about the identity of the person trying to use any of our Websites. If the burden or expense of providing access to your Personal Information is disproportionate to the risks to your privacy or if the legitimate rights of others would be violated, we may decide not to provide you access to your Personal Information. In such cases, we will provide you with an explanation of why access cannot be provided and a contact person for further inquiries.

Without limiting any other rights we may have, under our Terms of Use or at law, we may use the information that we obtain from you, including Personal Information: (1) for the specific purpose for which it was submitted (e.g., to receive email communications); (2) to improve our Website, its Content and our ability to provide you with better experiences using our Services; (3) to keep track of the use of our Websites and Service for internal research purposes and to monitor compliance with our Terms of Use; (4) to notify you of updates or important information about our Websites and Services; (5) to serve advertisements and/or provide you with promotional offers and/or (6) to provide customer service in response to your inquiries.

If becoming a Registered User on any of our Websites is automatically associated with or allows you to sign up to receive email or other communications from us on a periodic or regular, we will always disclose this to you, your registration or request to receive these includes your consent to receive them and you have the right to opt out of receiving them in the future. Our Websites and email communications will provide you with instructions and the procedures you can use to opt out when applicable. You cannot, however, opt out of receiving communications related to the Services you request, in response to your inquiries, or to manage your registration or status as a Registered User.

Other than our employees or operational service providers with a need to know in order to provide the Services on or through our Website, we do not allow direct access to any Personal Information by any person without the Registered User’s User ID or appropriate identification.

We do not collect or maintain information on our Website from those we actually know are under 13, and no part of our Website is targeted to attract anyone under 13. We request that all visitors under 13 to our Website not disclose or provide any personally identifiable information. If we discover that a child under 13 has provided us with personally identifiable information, we will delete the child’s personally identifiable information from our records.

We can change this Privacy Policy at any time (see our Terms of Use). As with our Terms of Use, we encourage you to come back and review this Privacy Policy often to be sure you are aware of the terms, conditions, rights and obligations that apply to you.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy that applies to any of our Websites, first check to see if that Website has a Supplemental Privacy Policy with contact information if you have questions about that Website. For general questions about our Privacy Policies or if a particular Website does not have a separate Supplemental Privacy Policy please email us at or write us to the attention of our Privacy Administrator, 420 Lexington Ave Suite 1820 New York, NY 10170and please specify if you are inquiring about a specific Website to help us better assist and respond to your questions.